Full Search is also known as a 30-Year Title Search, (time period varies state-to-state, as the state statute period is different). *To find out the statute period for a specific state, you may to go State Statutes.

Typically Uses: Bank Owned Properties, Foreclosure auctions, Title Insurance, Purchases, Title Opinions and evidence for Marketable Title

Speed Read: Includes deeds going back to the State Statute Period (30-Years+), pertinent pages of open mortgages, assignments and modifications. Further searches are conducted for any outstanding liens, and judgements against the current and prior owner(s).

A full search provides deeds chain-of-title going back to the State Statute Period (30-Years+). This report also includes pertinent pages of all open mortgages along with any assignments or modifications against the property address and the current owner(s) name. A complete federal, state, and municipal lien search is conducted against the current and prior owner(s) and documents are provided as recorded by the county clerk where the property is located. A judgement search is also conducted on the current and prior owner(s) and provided as per the courts of jurisdiction, civil judgements which may include foreclosure proceedings, bankruptcy, and tax delinquency status.