However, if a report completed by us contains a substantial error, we will refund the entire price charged for the search. In such a situation, please contact our team by email or phone and after verification of the mistake being made by our abstractor we will refund the entire invoice. If the error was made by the customer while placing the order, then there will be no refunds. When an order is placed we send an email to the customer so they can verify the accuracy of the information entered and correct it prior to the report being completed. Typical errors that customer should try to prevent are, incorrect/incomplete address, incorrect parcel number, incorrect owners name, invalid email address which may result in the order not being delivered on time.

If the customer does not receive a confirmation email of the order, you must contact our office immediately to correct the email address.

Please Note:

  • Our team must be notified of the suspected error within 14 days of the order being delivered.
  • Refund may not be more than the cost of the search.
  • Speed Title is not responsible for errors at the county clerk’s records including misfiled documents, inaccurate legal description, parcel numbers, or name at the time of recording.
  • All documents must be properly recorded at the county clerk’s office; other offices are not searched.
Substantial errors include:
  • Missing deed
  • Missing open mortgage
  • Missing open lien
Insignificant errors include:
  • Typographical error
  • Tax Status
  • Document numbers
  • Refunds applicable to residential searches only.

Speed Title’s Promise of Accuracy is to instill a strong confidence in customers, whereas such issues may never arise due to our robust structure and error elimination tactics.